Lubbers Quarters lies protected from the ocean swells in the Abaco Sound. Located between Marsh Harbor and Elbow Cay, approximately 3 miles south of Hopetown, it is 1 mile long and 1/2 mile wide. The island offers secluded beaches, clear paths for walking or jogging, and lots of peace and quiet.

Lubbers is relatively noncommercial but electricity and phone service have recently become available. Most of the homes there have full electric power and are equipped with toasters, microwaves, hairdryers, TV's, VCR's and many have air conditioning. There is one restaurant/bar on the island, but more restaurants and shops are just a few minutes away by boat in either Hope Town or Marsh Harbour. Nearby Tilloo Cut offers easy access to the ocean. A boat is necessary - if you don't get one included with your accommodations, you'll probably want to rent one in Marsh Harbour.

Lubbers makes a great getaway destination -- a home base that's conveniently located for island-hopping, with privacy and serenity that you'll enjoy returning to at the end of the day.

Photo submitted by Tom Smith
Photo submitted by Meakin Hoffer

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